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EPA basically follows regulations such as COPE, WAME, CSE, ICMJE, EASE.


Our agency has different ethical principles for each work it supports. Our academic journal publication works are only obliged to provide the necessary technical consultancy for the editor, author, referee and publishing team, as in international standards. Our agency does not make scientific evaluations within the framework of ethical principles, but provides the necessary digital configurations and communication.


Articles submitted in journals published by EPA are evaluated by independent and expert referees. The articles in the scientific evaluation process are reviewed by independent referees who are experts in their fields. We create a double-sided confidential review process where the authors and referees do not know each other's identities. The article evaluation and approval process of the journals is managed by each journal's own board.


We ask the responsible authors of the studies and all contributing authors to submit the ICMJE Potential Conflict of Interest forms with their articles.


Articles submitted to journals published by EPA are checked with Crossref Similarity Check - iThenticate plagiarism detection software and journal editors are informed about this.


By creating an ethical framework in the academic conference organization process, we are only responsible for organizing the conference structure digitally or physically, making technical arrangements, providing communication between the participant and the producer, and technically designing the conference papers. We do not provide information support for any scientific study.


In the academic book publishing process, we only provide support with technical studies such as graphic and typesetting design of the book and its transfer to certain libraries. We do not provide any academic informational support.


In our article support service, we provide support for the publication of the article in the journal, such as technical support, communication with a foreign language editor, typesetting design. We do not provide information support for any academic scientific study within the framework of ethics.


The copyrights of all works made with the support of our agency are protected in accordance with international copyright regulations and their use without reference is prevented.


All works are archived electronically and physically by us and open access is granted for a lifetime.

Ethical Values and Politics

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