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The breakdown of the services to be provided for academic journals is presented below.


• Getting ISSN, applications and all other processes (Press Prosecutor's Office and Ministry of Culture ISSN), Logo, Cover, Page design in the establishment of a new journal are provided smoothly by Effect publishing.


• Establishment or revision of the online article system,


• Creation of a new web page compatible with the article collection system (optional) and revision and maintenance of the entire technical infrastructure,


• Reporting all submitted articles with a plagiarism screening program and submitting them to you (iThenticate)


• Editing accepted articles in English and Turkish


• Creating a journal style for the articles to be published, preparing typesetting and printing, ensuring standardization of the content for each issue,


• Arranging the visuals such as pictures, tables and figures in the article in accordance with the page layout and journal styles,


• Checking and arranging the institution and address information given in the article,


• Giving DOI numbers,


• Adaptation of ORCID id information,


• Making DOI CrossRef records and ensuring their international visibility,


• Control of article abstracts (Turkish and English abstracts control),


• Checking the references and references used in the article and ensuring consistency,


• Making the layout procedures, reading the article and correcting possible spelling errors,


Writing the abbreviations and symbols used in the article appropriately and checking them,


• Creating the Pdf file of the article (galleyproof) and submitting it to the Editor or sending it to the author on behalf of the Editor,


• Adaptation of the changes proposed by the author,


• Receiving approvals from the author for the final version of the article,


• Preparation of non-article pages such as the title, contents, and editors in the journal,


• Creating a pre-online journal model and publishing it after the Editor's approval,


• Entering the pdf files and data of the articles whose typeset has been completed to the archive of the article acceptance system and related databases,


• Announcement of the published journal to subscribers through the Online Article system,


• Making all index applications by representing the journal and the institution served in the best way (Pubmed, DOAJ, Scopus, EBSCO, TR Index, etc.)


• Informing the Editor about possible updates and innovations,


• Applying for WoS Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) and following the process,

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