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To Whom It May Concern


While I was working at İnönü University, School of Medicine, I was asked to lead the University’s MedicalSchool Journal (Annals of Medical Journal) as an editor in chief. When, I accepted this post in May 2018, I had a lot of projects and questions about the journal.


I met Miss. ÖzdenKeser during this period. I would say she was working in the secretariat of the journal, but in fact she was doing everything in the journal like an editor. Although, in the first meeting we held as a team, my radical decisions about the future of the journal seem very difficult and unfeasible at the beginning for her, I appreciated her great contribution because she helped me a lot in realizing my goals.


With her diligence, honesty and openness to learning, she quickly developed herself in a very short time and became a professional medical journal manager. She also handled the magazine's technical problems, domestic and international connections very well. Her close follow-up of the process of entering Scientific Indexes added value to our journal. She made great efforts to switch to modern typesetting methods. I always found her admirable that the determination to work outside of working hours continued.


In addition to all these technical support, the courteous and constructive communication with the authors and referees enabled the authors to connect to the journal and to make the referees' evaluations comfortably. Our journal within three years, we worked together became the only monthly journal of general medicine in Turkey. Every month from 60 to 70 articles published in our journal, enriched with all the articles from Turkey and abroad, filled the archive of Annals of Medical Research. While doing all these, Miss ÖzdenKeser's support and diligence was my biggest supporter. I thank her again very much.


Yours sincerely,


Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Kayaalp

Yeditepe University, Department of General Surgery

Head of Gastroenterology Surgery Department

Istanbul Turkey

Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Kayaalp

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