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Effect Publishing Agency (EPA) is an organization that engages in international academic scientific journal publishing and academic scientific conference organization. EPA publishes approximately 1000 articles per year and provides support to around 5000 academics worldwide by organizing events in different parts of the world. Adapting to the Industry 5.0 era, EPA focuses on experience, dynamism, new generation technologies, and global collaborations in its academic support agency business model, which has had a significant impact in the academic world. The main goal of EPA is to promote the dissemination and sharing of scientific research, facilitate knowledge exchange among researchers, and contribute to the development of the academic community.

EPA’s academic scientific journals are internationally recognized reputable publications. Their publication policies focus on publishing high-quality research that goes through a peer-review process. EPA’s journals offer a wide range of publications covering research in various disciplines. These journals provide a platform for researchers to share their work, encourage discussions, and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

EPA’s academic scientific conferences bring researchers together and provide opportunities for knowledge sharing, discussions, and collaborations. The conferences facilitate the gathering of academics specialized in different fields and support the exchange of information on new discoveries, research findings, and the latest developments. EPA’s conferences offer participants the opportunity to present their original research, receive feedback, and expand their academic networks.

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